FAQ: How and Why Bust Your Cravings!℠ Helps You Stop Food Cravings the Fast + Easy Way

+ Who is a Bust Your Cravings!℠ session for (and who is it not for)? +

To be eligible for a Bust Your Cravings!℠ session, all 3 of the following criteria must be fuflfilled:

  • You are not a minor
  • You do not have an active diagnosis for an eating disorder
  • There is a food you eat too often and you want to dramatically reduce how often you consume it

A person is ineligible for a Bust Your Cravings!℠ session if they:

  • Are a minor– OR –
  • Have an active diagnosis for an eating disorder

We screen for these and will not perform services unless a written referral has been provided by the licensed medical professional who made the diagnosis.

+ What will a Bust Your Cravings!℠ session do for me? +

A Bust Your Cravings!℠ session will give you an immediate, dramatic and long-lasting reduction in your consumption of the food we focus on. Typical reductions go from daily to weekly or monthly.

By the end of your first session, your desire for the addicting food just won’t be there.. More importantly, that old “just gotta eat it” feeling will be gone. For many people, this can bring about a deep sense of  liberation.

+ What makes Bust Your Cravings!℠ so fast, easy and convenient? +

A Bust Your Cravings!℠ session is fast because it takes only 15-20 minutes.

A Bust Your Cravings!℠ session is easy because you don’t need any special skills. The process gently guides you to change the sights, sounds and feelings that were keeping you hooked on the addicted food.

A Bust Your Cravings!℠ session is convenient because there’s no “homework” or to-do list after we’re done! You simply go live your life feeling freed from the grip of the once-addicting food.

+ What exactly happens during a Bust Your Cravings!℠ session? +

A Bust Your Cravings!℠ session unfolds as a conversation between you and the Bust Your Cravings!℠ Associate. You can have your eyes open or closed, as you wish. Over a 15-20 minute span, we:

  1. Get clear on the specific food you want to stop craving
  2. Secure approval from your conscious mind and your unconscious minds (if the unconscious does not approve, we change the craving food to one it's OK with)
  3. Discover the visual, auditory and emotional qualities your unconscious mind associates with the craving food
  4. Choose a food you dislike
  5. Discover the visual, auditory and emotional qualities your unconscious mind associates with the disliked food
  6. Use the visual, auditory and emotional qualities from your disliked food to create an aversion to your craving food
  7. Test the change took hold
+ Is a Bust Your Cravings!℠ session hypnosis? +

A Bust Your Cravings!℠ session is based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP came out of psychology, marriage and family counseling and hypnosis.

NLP is different from hypnosis in one significant way. In hypnosis, the conscious mind takes leave so the hypnotherapist can talk directly with the unconscious mind. With NLP, the unconscious mind can make changes with the conscious mind witnessing the process.

+ If this works so fast + easily, why haven't I heard about it before? +

Here are 3 reasons:

  1. NLP has only been around since the 1970s and still has not reached the mainstream
  2. Because this is a service and not a product, there are no  patents to profit from
  3. The media has little or no incentive to promote the efficacy of your own unconscious resources
  4. It's only now with the Internet and video chat technology that this service is available to a wider audience



+ Why does a session focus on a specific food, not a category? +

A Bust Your Cravings!℠ session focuses on a specific food because this degree of specificity is what your unconscious mind needs to succeed.

The unconscious mind will ignore suggestions to address a range of foods.

An analogy will make this phenomenon clear.

Imagine you are working on a committee of some kind and there's a list of to-do's.  When the committee next meets, those to-do's that were assigned to individuals or groups got done and those what were the responsibility of everyone were... forgotten.

So, for example, it's not enough to say, "I want to stop eating chocolate." By narrowing your focus to a certain kind of chocolate or a particular brand, you give your unconscious mind the specificity it needs to follow-through on your wishes. After all, unless you have a target, how will you know when you hit the bullseye?

+ Will my cravings for similar foods diminish? +

Most likely, yes. The extent of this expansion in scope will be unique to you. No two people are alike in this regard. And so, one person's expansion in scope can be constrained and another's, quite broad.

More importantly, your unconscious mind’s chief directive is to serve your highest good. And so it’s natural for your unconscious mind to pass up foods it considers to be of the same class as the craving food we have addressed.

How your unconscious mind will classify the craving food is very individualistic as well. Its way of classifying things won’t necessarily be the same as that of a nutritionist or the other members of your family, for that matter

You may not even notice you’ve cut back on those other foods until some later time when having done so enters your conscious awareness. In this way, the absence of something old tends to be less obvious than the presence of something new.

+ Will Bust Your Cravings!℠ work for combinations of foods? +


Here's a funny story that makes this point even clearer...

A client of mine asked to have her cravings busted for cheeseburgers. Cheeseburgers are a combination of beef, cheese and bread, at the very least.

When I saw her 6 weeks later, I asked if she was still having cheeseburgers. She told me she bit into one cheeseburger in that time. She had been at a Holiday party, got a bit tipsy, and asked her husband to stop off on their way home and get cheeseburgers.

When she took the first bite, she stopped and sighed, "This isn't even good!"

So, her unconscious mind's new view of cheeseburgers withstood the festivities and the flow of alcohol!

(Again, this gets back to how your unconscious mind classifies foods as explained in the previous question.)

+ What if I substitute other foods for the one I no longer crave? +

While this is not the usual case, it is one reason why we've setup your Bust Your Cravings!℠ session with 2 additional check-in meetings. If you experience a bit of "whack-a-mole," we can address those other items during your check-ins.


+ What would cause this to work for others and not me? +

So long as you’ve read this FAQ and the other items that are required in order to book a session, then you’ll know what to expect and therefore have a more attuned awareness of the progress you’ve made.

Also, you’ll have the two check-in meetings to ensure you come away with a change you are happy with.

Just the same, if results come up short of expectations, it could be:

  • We didn’t choose the right craving food
  • It was not OK with your unconscious to address the craving food we did
  • The disliked food didn’t create an aversion visceral enough to do the job

Again, we can recalibrate during a check-in and see to it you are happy with your changes.

One other possibility…

If you have a very deep-seated, emotional connection with the food, then a more in-depth approach like Mental and Emotional Release® or traditional hypnosis may be your best option.

+ Will the effectiveness of my session "wear off" over time? +


Until such time as you start liking the disliked item you chose to create the aversion, it will probably remain in full effect,

+ Will this work over Skype or Google Hangouts? +


When you watch TV, you willingly suspend your disbelief and overlook the fact that the people on screen are actors and actresses and your unconscious mind enjoys the show.

In just the same way, Bust Your Cravings!℠ will work fine over Skype, Google Hangouts or any other video chat service.

+ Why do you offer a Satisfaction Guarantee? +

The idea that you can stop food cravings for the long-term in as little as 15 minutes without leaving your home and have no to-do’s afterwards is radically new for people.

And with anything new, people need some reassurance before they’ll get involved.

This is why I have chosen to bear all the risk by offering a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Understand, a Satisfaction Guarantee can easily be abused by a customer who does not believe in a fair exchange.

It’s for this reason, I have gone to great lengths to set expectations, assuage fears and concerns, and communicate clearly and thoroughly in all respects.

I do so with the view that people like you are generally good, fair-minded and willing to embrace new ideas when the value they provide is made self-evident.

+ Why do you include 2 check-in meetings after the first session? +

If you were to come to my office, I’d keep the environment free of distractions so you could focus the resources of your vast unconscious mind and get the results you seek.

Since we are doing this over video chat, I cannot control the setup at your end. And so, while I can provide documents on how to prepare for your session so you get the very best outcome,  ultimately, only you can ensure you won’t be interrupted by people, pets, phones, computers or any other source during your session.

So, providing check-ins allows for feedback and making adjustments, if needed.

Also, if it makes sense to use a more visceral dislike food to strengthen your aversion to a craving food, check-in sessions give us the option to do so. Likewise, it may be necessary to change the craving food for any number of reasons.

Once again, check-in sessions make it possible to give you the highest degree of confidence your desired outcome will be met.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Experience an instant, dramatic and long-lasting reduction in consumption of your particular craving food. For complete details, check out our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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