An Introduction for Medical Professionals on How Bust Your Cravings is...

Empowering Diabetics and Overeaters to Let Go of Addicting Foods, Effortlessly

+ Bust Your Cravings: What it does +

By making it easy for people to consciously tap the resources of their unconscious minds, Bust Your Cravings enables diabetics and dieters to virtually eliminate their desire to consume addicting foods and beverages.

The effects of Bust Your Cravings are immediate and last for months, possibly even years.

+ Bust Your Cravings: What it is +

Bust Your Cravings derives from the fields of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Conversational Hypnosis.

The process is a 15-minute dialog with eyes open or closed, as the client prefers.

Once the session is done, there is no to-do list or additional action required of the client to reinforce or maintain their reduced or eliminated cravings.

+ How Bust Your Cravings Works +

Imagine a person finds it very difficult to stop eating a certain cookie but very easy to pass up jalapenos.

With the explicit permission of the client’s unconscious mind, the Bust Your Cravings process fuses their visual, auditory and kinesthetic sensations of jalapenos into their visual, auditory and kinesthetic sensations of cookies.

Until such time as the client finds jalapenos appealing, their newly acquired distaste for the cookie will likely remain in place indefinitely.

As a result, the client’s consumption of the cookie drops instantly and dramatically and typically stays at that level.

+ Bust Your Cravings Effectiveness +

Certified Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist Eric Rosen has performed approximately 100 Bust Your Cravings sessions with over 50 individuals. Except in rare instances, consumption of the target food or drink declines between 70 and 100 percent and stays in this range for months, possibly years. Often, what someone consumes daily drops to once a week. This translates into a reduction of 86% although complete elimination of the item from one’s diet is fairly common as well.

+ Scope of Bust Your Cravings +

In order for the Bust Your Cravings process to work effectively, the client must focus on a specific food and not a general class of foods.

For example, “French Bread” is better than “bread.”

Doing so gives the unconscious mind the specificity it needs to manifest a clear and beneficial result.

Even though the Bust Your Cravings process targets a particular food, the diabetic or dieter can expect the scope of foods affected to expand beyond the chosen item.

The degree of expansion varies with the individual and how their unconscious mind categorizes the particular food.

While expansion is likely, the extent is not yet predictable and is the subject of ongoing study.

+ Why Bust Your Cravings Works +

So long as Bust Your Cravings takes place in an environment free from distractions, intellectual awareness of the aversion strategy it uses has no influence on its efficacy because the client’s participation in the process takes place in the domain of their unconscious mind—where change is most readily achieved.

This makes Bust Your Cravings reliable and robust.

That the client creates all of the content and sensory aspects of their experience with no suggestions supplied by the Hypnotherapist further strengthens the client’s engagement with the process and their ownership of the outcome.

+ How it Compliments Existing Therapies +

Bust Your Cravings is not a substitute for medical supervision or treatment of any kind. It focuses solely on helping diabetics and dieters change their eating habits in the most quick and convenient way possible. With one or more Bust Your Cravings sessions between visits to their doctors, diabetics and dieters find it easier to comply with the dietary guidelines they were given before Bust Your Cravings entered the picture. In turn, this compliance allows doctors and other medical professionals to focus on accelerating the wellness of their patients.

+ Side Effects of Bust Your Cravings +

In the vast majority of cases, the main side effect clients report is a reduction in their consumption of foods similar to the item targeted. Clients are usually unaware of this phenomenon consciously… until asked.

Other side effects are mainly emotional in nature. Clients often report a sense of self-empowerment, freedom and happiness that seemed elusive when they were addicted to the food. For those clients whose reduction is less than 100%, they often express relief at being able to consume the item occasionally without being compelled to eat it to excess in one sitting or over time.

In one or two cases, clients have reported seeking out other foods to make up for what they’ve forgone however, those foods were substantially different from the targeted item and consumption of the targeted item was nevertheless reduced substantially.

In similarly rare instances, clients have reported completely forgetting about the targeted food until reminded of it, which means their reduction in consumption was 100%.

+ How it can Accelerate Recovery from Diabetes +

Five categories of foods diabetics are often advised to avoid include:

  1. grains
  2. starches
  3. refined sugar
  4. dairy
  5. sweet fruits

By selecting an item in each category, a series of Bust Your Cravings sessions can address the range of addicting foods that confound a diabetic’s efforts to eat healthy.

As the diabetic experiences the immediate, dramatic and long-lasting results characteristic of Bust Your Cravings, they are likely to find themselves feeling more inclined to comply with other lifestyle recommendations they’ve been given.

Also, the tendency of Bust Your Cravings to expand beyond the particular foods targeted during the sessions provides them an added level of support in practical and emotional terms.

If certain categories of off-limits foods do not tempt a diabetic, a series of Bust Your Cravings sessions can be adjusted to focus on the multiple foods in fewer categories towards which he or she is especially drawn.

+ Referring Patients to a Bust Your Cravings Session +

Bust Your Cravings is a suitable option when lifestyle patterns and emotions or the addictive nature of the foods in question are hurdles to the patient’s rapid adoption of healthier eating habits.

Bust Your Cravings is available to patients referred in writing to Eric Rosen, CHT by their doctor or licensed medical professional.

The intent behind a referral is to make it easier for patients to comply with the dietary guidelines they find inconvenient, unappetizing or simply too daunting.

+ How You Can Collaborate with a Clinical Hypnotherapist +

If compliance with healthier eating choices is a challenge, doctors and licensed medical professionals can inform their patients that the Bust Your Cravings option is available to them.

Ideally, the doctor or medical professional and Eric Rosen, CHT consult with each other prior to the first Bust Your Cravings session to ensure all parties are comfortable with a process whereby information can be shared as needed to support the patient’s ongoing recovery.

Referring professionals can mention to their patients and how they can

  • Schedule a session
  • Receive email follow-ups before and after, and
  • Experience a Bust Your Cravings breakthrough over Skype (without leaving the comfort of their home).

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