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+ Disciplines Used in a Bust Your Cravings Consultation +

A Bust Your Cravings Breakthrough Session along with the Check-in Sessions are referred to as a “Consultation.” The Bust Your Cravings Consultation uses proven habit-change techniques from the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and depending on the individual’s needs, Energy and Tapping Techniques (ETT) as well. Your Bust Your Cravings Breakthrough Session will use one or more of these techniques. The Check-in Sessions may or may not apply any of these habit-change techniques depending on the individual’s needs.

Because NLP and ETT engage the unconscious mind, Conversational Hypnosis is a de-facto element in a Bust Your Cravings Breakthrough Session however, formal hypnosis where you are guided into a deep trance with your eyes closed is not part of the process.

NLP, Hypnosis and ETT are not medically certified. They are considered complementary or alternative healing arts services that are not licensed by the state. Consultants delivering this service to you are not licensed physicians.

+ We Do Not Provide Medical or Mental Health Advice or Diagnoses +

Neither Eric Rosen, the owner of, nor any other person performing food cravings reduction or food cravings elimination services through this website is a licensed medical professional. As such, we cannot give you medical or mental health advice. We strongly urge you to consult with your physician (or primary health-care provider) before starting any weight loss program or change in your eating habits. We also urge you to get medical checkups on a periodic basis.

+ We Do Not Treat Any Illness, Disease or Physical Addiction +

We do not provide Bust Your Cravings Breakthrough Sessions for:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug addictions

Changes in eating habits can create physical changes that that should be medically monitored. Medical monitoring is especially important for people with a diagnosed medical condition. Our services make it easy for you to reduce your consumption of a food or non-alcoholic beverage that has gotten to be a habit; however, they are not intended to treat any illness or disease.

+ Consult Your Physician First +

It’s especially important to consult your physician before scheduling a Bust Your Cravings Breakthrough Session if you are:

  • Under treatment for an illness
  • Taking prescription drugs, or
  • On a therapeutic diet to treat a condition

Any food or non-alcoholic beverage your physician recommends against reducing your consumption of is ineligible for a Bust Your Cravings Breakthrough Session.

+ Who is Eligible for a Bust Your Cravings Breakthrough Session +
Eligible Not Eligible
  • Adults, age 18 and over
  • Adults who are sober without a chronic addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Minors
  • Adults with an active medical diagnosis of an eating disorder
  • Adults who are intoxicated

Any person who shows up for a session intoxicated, however mildly, will be:

  • Denied service
  • Have their Satisfaction Guarantee voided
  • Denied a refund

Satisfaction Guarantee

Experience an instant, dramatic and long-lasting reduction in consumption of your particular craving food. For complete details, check out our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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